"Spank the Autism Away" is a Conservative tool used by Steve Bannon of Breitbart, former Assistant of the President of Donald Trump and chief advisor, using the belief that a "simple spanking" will cure any disability. In case you didn't understand us the first time, Trump appointed Steve Bannon, the same person who beat the hell out of his wife in 1996 and faced domestic violence charges [2]. Michael Pearl and Pat Robertson would certainly use this tool, for they think that even the most severely autistic child can be "beaten into submission" [1].

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Spanking ANY child is considered Child Abuse, especially when one is disabled with an incurable condition (such as Autism or ADHD). But Republicans, Christians, the elderly and Conservatives don't give "two flying fucks" because they believe all mental disorders were made up by the government in order to make a profit. Autism can be caused by several different factors: Genetics, not vaccinations, Mercury Poisoning or a traumatic incident/brain damage in infancy. President Trump does not care about those who are disabled, hungry, or those victimized (like many LGBT members). All he cares about is kicking out every non-White citizen (whether illegal or not), establishing Christian Sharia starting with school prayer, and trying to disprove Global warming. The last thing that needs to happen is for Michael Pearl, Pat Robertson, Phil Robertson, Dr. Phil and/or Betsy DeVos to come and control our lives telling us how to raise our children. Look at all the famous people with Autism who lived or are living very successful lives (Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Steven Spielberg).

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