20151121 014918
designated as: International Year for the Culture of Peace

World Mathematical Year

Preceded by: 1999
Succeeded by 2001
Started January 1 2000
Ended December 31 2000

2000 was the year when everyone celebrated the start of the 21st Century though they were all mathematically challenged. As there is no year 0 in the calendar, the 1st Century started with the year 1. 2000 years later was the year 2001 and that was when the 21st Century really started.

2000 was also when Al Gore got more votes than George W. Bush in the Presidential election. Republicans in the Supreme Court gave the presidency to Dubya on a technicality and showed that those Republicans don't care about democracy.

The people believed the increasing computerization of the world, as well as general usage of two-digit year designation, would result in all computers of the planet (including nuclear power plants and defense systems) massively glitching on 01/01/2000, bringing the end of the world. While some systems did, indeed, suffer from that, the consequences were far from apocalyptic.

The world did not end, but George W. Bush was elected though Al Gore got more votes, see 2000 U.S. Presidential Election. It wasn't quite as bad as the world ending (although it felt like it at the time).

This is the year that interest rates should have been risen.

Other significant EventsEdit

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