20151121 010058

designated as: International Year of Ecotourism

International Year of Mountains Year of the Outback in Australia National Science Year in the United Kingdom Autism Awareness Year in the United Kingdom

Preceded by: 2001
Succeeded by 2003

2002 was the year after the September 11, 2001 attacks and that gave George W. Bush the excuse to take American rights away. The Shrub continued with this slowly over succeeding years. In the US elections the Republicans gained two seats, slightly increasing their power.

In India serious violence erupted between Hindus and Muslims with over 1,000 deaths.

In Bali Muslim Terrorists bombs killed 202 people on 20th October. [1] [2]

Other significant eventsEdit

  • North Korea admitted they were developing Nuclear weapons.
  • Lagos armoury explosion
  • China Airlines Flight 611 plane crash
  • July 4 2002 Los Angeles International Airport shooting.[3]


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