20151129 220833
Year of a terrible election
Designed as: International Year of Rice (by the United Nations)

International Year to Commemorate the Struggle Against Slavery and its Abolition (by UNESCO) 2004 World Health Day topic was Road Safety (by World Health Organization)

Preceded by: 2003
Succeeded by 2005
2004 was the year that American voters apparently re-elected George W. Bush after his dirty campaign. [1] However, within two years the Democrats had control of the Congress.

CIA Director George Tenet resigned on July 11 2004 citing “personal reasons,” [2]

In December 2004 South East Asia suffered the worst Tsunami in history when an earthquake sent killer waves spreading round the Indian Ocean from Thailand to Africa. Over 150,000 people were killed or missing and Millions made homeless. [3]


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  2. George Tenet resigns as CIA director
  3. Deadliest Tsunami in History?

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