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Designed as: The Year of the Volunteer by the UK government

The World Year of Physics by the International Union of Pure and Applied Physics The Year of Cork City, Ireland, as European Capital of Culture The Year of the Veteran in Canada The Year of Discovery International Year for Sport and Physical Education International Year of Microcredit The year 2005 was the end of the International Decade of the World's Indigenous People (1995–2005).

Preceded by: 2004
Succeeded by 2006

2005 was the year Ratzinger became Pope Pope Benedict XVI. There's no evidence Ratzinger committed Paedophile offenses himself but Ratzinger helped many Child molesters escape justice.

The World provided aid to help in reconstruction after the Tsunami of 2004.

Terrorists Bombed London in July 2005.

Hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans in August and George W. Bush didn't do very much to help.

Al-Qaeda released a video message on September 11 2005 (the fourth Anniversary of 9/11) & threatened to carry out future attacks on Los Angeles, California and Melbourne, Australia.[1]

The trial of Saddam Hussein begun on October 19 2005


Significant EventsEdit


  1. Tape Released: American Al Qaeda Member Warns of Attacks
  2. News and Events of 2005

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