20151121 005854
Designed as: International Year of Astronomy

International Year of Natural Fibres International Year of Reconciliation Year of the Gorilla (UNEP and UNESCO

Preceded by: 2008
Succeeded by 2010
This article is a bit Subjective. If You don't like it ... sorry about that.

2009 was bad in some ways, there was the late 2000s Crisis, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad winning the Iranian elections (just like Bush did in 2000), conservatives still existing...

But on the other hand, there was Obama's inauguration, Uncle Sam is finally leaving Iraq and George W.Bush isn't the President anymore.

On September 11 2009 (The Eighth Anniversary of 9/11) Hugo Chavez announced the discovery of a vast gas field which made a big difference to the Venezuelan Economy.[1]

More significant eventsEdit

  • Fort Hood shooting
  • Maersk Alabama hijacking
  • Yemenia Flight 626 plane crash
  • Typhoon Ketsana
  • Death of Neda Agha-Soltan
  • Air France Flight 447 Plane Crash


  1. Venezuela finds vast gas reserve

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