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The Republican Presidential Candidate in the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election is Donald Trump.

Trump is unlikely to win but if he does Who will save the United States of America and the World?

Timeline Edit

  • There were 17 candidates, then 8 dropped out before the Primaries! So by the 1st of February, there were 9 candidates!
  • Feb 1: Mike Huckabee dropped out with 1 delegate.
  • Feb 3: Rand Paul dropped out with 3 delegates.
  • Feb 10: Carly Fiorina dropped out with 1 delegate.
  • Feb 20: John Ellis Bush dropped out with 4 delegates.
  • Mar 4: Ben Carson dropped out with 7 delegates.
  • Mar 15: Marco Rubio dropped out with 165 delegates.
  • May 3: Ted Cruz dropped out with 559 delegates.
  • May 4: John Kasich dropped out with 161 delegates.
  • Jul 18: Trump officially accepts the nomination.

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