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Official logo of the ASDA
Founded: February 19 1949
Headquarters: Asda House, South Bank, Leeds, West Yorkshire, England
Products Grocery, general merchandise, financial services

ASDA is a supermarket in the UK, and is the country's biggest employer of Chavs. ASDA is the British branch of WalMart and it pays its staff less than its biggest rival Tesco. It pays its managers (very few of whom are from a minority) more than Tesco though. ASDA also tries to bribe its staff into leaving Labor unions[1].

To add to that they are increasingly falling behind their rivals technologically, using increasingly outmoded and crumbling equipment, and concentrating on trying to make their stores look good. Obviously none of this penny-pinching works because their profits are "only" in the millions (sad), while their rivals Tesco (who are far from perfect) with clean, up to date stores and better paid almost entirely unionized staff, dominate the UK supermarket industry with profits well into the billions!

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