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Ajaml Ameer Kasab was one of the ten terrorists involved in November 2008 Mumbai attacks and the only terrorist captured alive. Kasab is a Pakistani. He and his fellow terrorists had single handedly murdered the largest number of people in Indian history.

At Kasab trial the defence lawyer said terrorists had brainwashed the young man and he could be rehabilitated. [1] Kasab spend his time reading Ghandi's autobiography in prison [2] Kasab was sentenced to be hanged and Executed. [3]

Even those liberals who oppose the Death penalty generally agree that murderers like Kasab should spend a very long time in Prison to deter others from committing their types of crimes.


  1. Profile: Mohammad Ajmal Amir Qasab
  2. Kasab reading Mahatma Gandhi's autobiography
  3. Ajmal Kasab sang in cell the night before

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