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Alexander Emmerick "Alex" "Dow" Jones is just so way out we suspect he may be a Paranoid Schizophrenic. He's mostly known as a libertarian conservative (though he acts just like a Republican and not a Libertarian) and very err American radio talk show host and conspiracy theorist. He also does far-out-there documentaries such as the paranoia-filled "The Obama Deception: The Mask Comes Off." which was released in 2009. While he's wrong to be a birther, not for racist reasons but usual paranoid schizophrenia, he's definitely anti-Bush, and has also been a conspiracy insider for former Governor Jesse Ventura for "Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura." Best known for shouting uncontrollably to where even Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh both forget what they're fussing about.

Jones believes that 9/11, the Sandy Hook shootings, the Moon landing, and the Oklahoma City Bombing were all performed by the government all so a New World Order could be formed with the big businesses in charge.

Showing more of his stupidity when he was talking Oregon Sen. Ron Wyden he accidentally pronounced his last name way-day when really he should have said why-den.

On January 7, 2013, Alex decided to throw a hissy fit on the Piers Morgan Show when he thought Piers was trying to get rid of all guns. Alex would not shut the fuck up for more than three seconds at a time when Piers was trying to calmly debunk him.

The crazed-pig apparently believes that Sesame Street is trying to give kids autism, by sending a message to get their kids vaccinated. Alex also believes that Julia, the newest muppet (and the first on the autistic spectrum), is used as a "brainwashing scam" on pre-schoolers and their parents. More specifically, he criticizes Elmo on "not finding out why Julia is brain damaged".

The 2016 U.S. Presidential ElectionEdit

Who does he back? Edit

He and his buds at INFOWARS are said to back Donald Trump, but a citation or quote is needed.

Hatred of Bernie Sanders Edit

He hates him, he says Bernie Sanders is "Such a creep, such a weirdo"! He thinks Bernie Sanders is a Communist and he thinks Democratic Socialism is the same as Communism as in "SOCIALISM IS SLAVERY"! He also thinks that Bernie's Supporters are welfare whores and pathetic human beings, he says "To see all the frothing... IDIOTS who support him... it's just despicable" and "They're fat, they're stupid, they're soft welfare-heads, they're government workers, they are PILES of self-propelled TRASH, who are SO STUPID, they grow up in the bossom of luxury and don't appreciate ANY OF IT"! He mentioned all of this in a video from Feb 2016!

"They're fat, they're stupid" That's fucking rich coming from the guy who thinks that getting money out of politics is "Communist"! Also, it's funny how he calls them fat, while he is pretty obese himself.

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