The American auto-industry was a once-proud, successful industry that includes Ford, Chrysler and General Motors that was then ruined thanks to foreign competition and Republican carelessness.

Energy efficiencyEdit

As countries around the world reacted to the energy crisis by introducing legislation for fuel efficient cars, the US auto industry and their Conservative allies in Politics lobbied to keep US regulations friendly to gas guzzlers, and avoid the strict fuel economy standards that Europe and Japan were forcing their auto-makers to adopt. Their lobbying worked, and the US remained the home of the gas guzzler, but that meant that there were few export markets for American gas guzzlers and plenty of modern efficient automobiles available from importers when gas prices rose.

A good way to save the US auto industry would be for the federal or state governments to subsidize those companies that produce energy efficient automobiles. That would help the US to become world leaders in that area as Global warming intensifies and the Energy crisis worsens. Or at least catch up with the rest of the world.

A good lesson from this is that businesses benefit from well designed environmental and safety regulations that oblige them to make better products, especially if those products can then be sold worldwide. For example, in the 90s Europe introduced very tight efficiency standards for new domestic appliances such as cookers, refrigerators and washing machines. A farsighted pro business American Government would be aiming to introduce standards that were stricter than Europe's - both because it is an easy way to combat global warming, and because it would be in te best interests of American business.

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