An Amish is a Christian most likely of German descent who chooses to follow the simple ways of life fears he/she will go to Hell unless he/she follows the simple way of life. Unfortunately, most Amish people are truly brainwashed.

Where they are most likely to live Edit

Amish will most likely dwell in the Midwestern and Eastern regions of the United States. A more specific location of a high concentration of Amish is Pennsylvania.

Abuse in Amish societyEdit

The Amish lead isoloated lives, outsiders know relatively little about them and sometimes idealise the Amish or demonise them. The truth appears to be that there is good and bad in Amish society as elsewhere.

This section is adapted from Abuse in Amish society

There is no evidence to indicate that social pathologies or incidents of sexual and physical abuse are prevalent in the Amish or in any way unique to the Amish. Still this absence of correlation does not prevent people of various interests from trying to associate broad human failings with a particular practice of Christianity. Some high-profile cases have focused attention on the sexual abuse perpetrated upon Amish children. In a few isolated areas it has been called "almost a plague in some communities."[1] Because Amish bishops mete out punishment for sins (generally in the form of shunning), they keep discipline within the authority of the church; thus, sexual abuse may be less often reported to law enforcement. Since men dominate their society, women and children who have been mistreated have little recourse [citation needed] . They themselves may be shunned for seeking outside help. [citation needed] Mary Byler was allegedly raped more than a hundred times between the ages of 8 and 14 by her brothers and was then excommunicated and shunned for reporting her abusers. See ABC News: Sexual Abuse in the Amish Community this is a long 4 page article with plenty of information, and see ABC News: Sex Abuse Case Shocks Amish Community see also Amish Rape Scandals. The Amish community recently started to address the issue of abuse awareness. The Amish publisher Pathway Publishers ran several series in the magazine Family Life that touch upon the subjects of sexual and physical abuse. They have also distributed, free of charge, resources for abused persons and their families. Some Amish have objected to the articles, preferring that the subject not be raised, claiming that these problems exist only among the "English".[2]


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