Amnesty International
Amnesty International
Official Logo for Amnesty International
Founded: 1966
Headquarters: New York NY, United States
Services Protecting human rights
Type Non-profit NGO
Field Lobbying, research, consultancy

Amnesty International is a liberal, highly respected NGO best known for denouncing human rights abuses by governments worldwide. Amnesty includes the USA [1] and UK [2] in their criticism.

Conservatives are often at odds with Amnesty, because they tend not to value human rights, except for the right to own a gun and the right to prevent strangers from pursuing happiness for basically no reason.


  1. Human Rights in United States of America
  2. Human Rights in United Kingdom

External linksEdit

  • Amnesty International This is their Home Page, there are pictures and stories about human rights abuses that happened, are happening or have been prevented on their home page.

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