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An Andersonite is a person of Independent Baptist belief who holds the same beliefs, down to the wire, with Steven Anderson. They are a growing group in the United States, who are trying to take over the country by "soul-winning", which in reality is them telling people they want homosexuals dead and in Hell. The movement was started by Steven Anderson around June 2016, just after the Orlando Shooting, when he celebrated "49 Less Sodomites being alive". It quickly spread to other like-minded Independent Baptist churches such as Verity Baptist Church, Stedfast Baptist Church and Old Paths Baptist Church.

Main Andersonites Edit Think-Tank
Member Position/Church
Steven Anderson Leader; Pastor of Faithful Word Baptist Church (Tempe, AZ)
Bruce Mejia Co-Leader; Pastor of Faithful Word Baptist Church (Los Angeles, CA)
Dave Berzins Pastor of Word of Truth Baptist Church (Prescott Valley, AZ)
Roger Jimenez Pastor of Verity Baptist Church (Sacramento, CA)
Jonathan Shelley Future Pastor of Stedfast Baptist Church (Fort Worth, TX)
Manly Perry Pastor of Old Paths Baptist Church (San Antonio, TX)
Adam Fannin Pastor of Stedfast Baptist Church (Jacksonville, FL)
Tommy McMurtry Pastor of Liberty Baptist Church (Rock Falls, IL)
Michael Johnson Pastor of Temple Baptist Church (Jacksonville, NC)
Jason Robinson Pastor of Mountain Baptist Church (Fairmont, WV)
Aaron Thompson Pastor of Verity Baptist Church (Vancouver, WA)
Joe Major Pastor of Faith Baptist Church (Violet, LA)
Phil Milstead Preacher - Stedfast Baptist Church (Texas)
Parker Edelmann Preacher - Stedfast Baptist Church (Texas)
Duncan Urbanek Preacher - Stedfast Baptist Church (Texas)
Jesse Michael Preacher - Stedfast Baptist Church (Texas)
Matthew Stuckey Preacher - Stedfast Baptist Church (Texas)
Peter James Preacher - Stedfast Baptist Church (Texas)

The former pastor of Stedfast Baptist Church-TX, Donnie Romero, resigned from his position after being caught prostitution, using marijuana, and gambling [1]. Jonathan Shelley, his replacement, current pastors a similar church in Houston, Texas.

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  1. Anti-Gay Baptist Preacher Resigns from Church After “Being with Prostitutes”

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