Anita Bryant is a lady over 70 who was a successful singer and entertainer when she was young. She was also one of those Christian types who think it right to impose their own morals onto other people and she still tries to do that. During the second half of the 20th Century Bryant campaigned tirelessly to prevent gay people who love each over from marrying. Bryant campaigned to make it legal to fire people or to deny them housing when have done nothing wrong just because they're gay, for some time and in one county she was successful. She campaigned against Divorce till her own Marriage broke up.

Gay rights activists didn't like what Bryant was doing so they organised boycotts against Florida Citrus Commission who paid her to endorse their product. Anita Bryant lost contracts, she suffered just like those who got fired for being gay. Several unsuccessful ventures running theater, music palace and the like bankrupted her, God didn't provide. Bryant couldn't or wouldn't pay the wages of people who worked in her projects and she fled Missouri without paying her debts. Today she and her husband are still trying to stop gays living the lives they want. [1] [2] [3]

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