Anonymous is what it's called when someone does something but doesn't want to be identified. This could for example be a poem or a charitable donation.


"I have lots of promiscuous sex with someone other than my wife."- Anonymous

Notice, the person who penned this wishes to remain anonymous, that is, he is wishing to not be identified.

Let's take a look what would happen if the person identified himself.

"I have lots of promiscuous sex with someone other than my wife"- Ted Haggard

If Ted Haggard announces this to the world, he will lose his job as leader of the mega-church.

Ultimately, Ted Haggard bought meth and had gay sex with a meth dealer, and so his actions came to light. Out from the shadows of anonymous.

Of course, here is another example, to end on a good note.

"I didn't vote for George W Bush in 2004"- Anonymous

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