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"Anti-Americanism" is a term which some Conservatives use to deceive others into excusing their policies. Conservatives label anyone opposing any wrongful US foreign policy (or criticizing any other aspect of the nation) an "anti-American", in order to shut them up. They try and pretend those who criticise bad US foreign policies are attacking America's (oft-forgotten) ideals of pursuing freedom, having the courage to defend it, and making non-oppressive peace possible all over the world. Under the harsh definition said Conservatives often use, quite a large amount of the Earth's population would be considered "anti-American" -- including a lot of Americans, too.

Conservatives Never Call Their Criticism of American policies Anti-AmericanEdit

Unsurprisingly, this label is never applied when Conservatives criticize policies they don't like -- for example, Conservapedia slanders the foreign policy of Barack Obama. Does that make Andrew Schlafly of Conservapedia Anti-American? From this, it can easily be observed that conservatives use the phrase "anti-American" as a kind of verbal shorthand for "shut up with your inconvenient opinions!" Some conservatives go as far to say that supporting policies they don't like is anti-American. In reality, such a Conservative attitude itself ought to be viewed as truly "Anti-American", because the slavery to some former (much idealized) status quo promoted by such an attitude is completely at odd with the forward-looking ideals of better people on the United States.

Some policies need criticismEdit

Many sensible people, including many Americans, think some American foreign policies were wrong -- especially those performed under the former President, George W. Bush. Sensible people still like other things that the United States does, for example Democracy.

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