The Aryan race is a concept in NazismGypsies and Jews have some Aryan admixture due to living in Europe, but for some reason Hitler didn't see that.

Defeated master raceEdit

The Nazis believed that Germanic people were the Aryan race, and that those people were a superior master race destined to conquer the world. Hitler's dreams of Aryan expansion were crushed when Germany lost World War 2. The German Aryan master race had to surrender and hope for mercy. Fortunately the Americans and the British learned from the disaster that was the Treaty of Versailles and helped to build West Germany up after the war. The Soviet Communists which occupied East Germany weren’t so nice and East Germany stayed down trodden and poor till after reunification.

Today the Nazis are (mostly) nonexistant in Germany. Most Germans are decent people and only a few cretins take Nazism seriously. Aryans are like other people - some are clever, some aren't. Most Nazis, however, are stupid.

Alternative meaningEdit

The term "Aryan" is controversial. "Aryan" refers to people of Iranian and Northern Indian descent.

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