Ashton Baldwin Carter
20160117 012143
Secretary Carter
Political party: Democratic
Alma mater: Yale University

St. John's College, Oxford

Profession Former Harvard University Professor & Chair of the International & Global Affairs faculty, at the Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs, at the John F. Kennedy School of Government
Awards Department of Defense Distinguished Public Service Medal (5 times)

CJCS Joint Distinguished Civilian Service Award Defense Intelligence Medal

Born September 24, 1954

From 2009 to 2011, he was Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition, Technology and Logistics (ATL) with responsibility for DoD’s procurement reform and innovation agenda and successful completion of key procurements like the KC-46 tanker. In this capacity, Secretary Carter also led the development and production of thousands of mine-resistant ambush protected (MRAP) vehicles and other rapid acquisitions that saved countless service members’ lives. Determined to get the most for both the warfighters and the taxpayer, Secretary Carter instituted “Better Buying Power” for the first time guiding the department acquisition workforce to smarter and leaner purchasing. And from 1993-1996, he served as Assistant Secretary of Defense for International Security Policy, where he was responsible for – among other issues – strategic affairs, nuclear weapons policy, and the Nunn-Lugar program that removed nuclear weapons from Ukraine, Kazakhstan, and Belarus. Secretary Carter also served on the Defense Policy Board, the Defense Science Board, and the Secretary of State’s International Security Advisory Board. [1]

Ashton Baldwin "Ash" Carter (born September 24, 1954)[2] is the 25th & current United States Secretary of Defense under President Obama & seems to do a lot better job Then Donald Rumsfeld. Carter is singnaling US plans to Deploy More Troops to Iraq [3] which may be needed to combat ISIS.

Carter is offering responsible Hackers the chance to hack The Pentagon. Note: The offer is to white hat hackers who have been vetted. Unvetted hackers face the same risk of punishment if they are caught as they do at other times.[4]

Bombing ISISEdit

Carter also said that A-10 bombing aircraft are needed to bomb ISIS.[5] Bombing and Drone strikes by the United States far too often lead to Very large numbers of civillian casualties among people who aren't Terrorists and are nothing to do with terrorism. The West needs to deal with ISIS now. Appeasing ISIS is like appeasing Hitler. if we do nothing now the menace will grow and more extreme military action will be needed later.

Military action that harms inocent people alienates moderate Muslims who could be our friends, radicalizes some and turns some into terrorists. I don't know if these types of military action are necessary, if there could be alternatives that spare inocent people. I fear the real reason for military action that harms civillians in Muslim Countries may be because White military chiefs don't value the lives of dark skinned Muslims.

Joe BidenEdit

Carter responesed to a video of Joe Biden touching his (Carter) wife's shoulders by saying that he laughed & laughed at the video.[6] there was also a response from Barney Frank.[7]


According to sources Carter is to belived to have predicted the 9/11 attacks.[8]


Ash Carter said that China buliding on island is self-isolating behavior[9]


Carter said that Russia is a competitor that the world has not seen since the end of the Soviet Union.[10]

Guantanamo BayEdit

Carter wants Congress to change the law to make it possible to move the Gitmo prisioners to The U.S.[11]


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