Atheism Wiki

Atheism Wiki is a wiki with an atheist viewpoint and with good information for Freethinkers.


  • Atheism Wiki gives the atheist point of view, and shows that atheists are reasonable, scientific people.
  • Atheism Wiki shows that religion can do harm. Don’t we all know that since 9/11?
  • Atheism Wiki counters the misrepresentation by believers who imagine or pretend atheists are worse than they are.
  • Atheism Wiki aims to suplement other secular websites wikis, also adds fresh information.

Atheism Wiki has a large category dealing with Ray Comfort though material about other Christian evangelists is also welcome.

As well as talking about the lack of evidence for religion, and abundance of evidence for evolution they talk about how religion often contradicts itself. Atheism Wiki often criticizes Christianity, being the most popular and diverse religion, although Islam, Judaism, Zoroastrianism, and other religions get some coverage.

As with all wikis there have been different contributors to Atheism Wiki:-

  1. Some articles are very philosophical and hard to understand,
  2. Other articles are fun and good for users taking time off from gaming wikis.
  3. There are also very many articles in between the two extremes, that are interesting with good information and easy to follow.

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