Auditing in Scientology is imagined psychotherapy. Auditing puts the subject or Pre-clear into a light hypnotic trance so if you’re a man you can really imagine oh so vividly that in a past life, “they put your severed penis on a stick." [1] And if you’re a woman you can imagine things that are just as lurid. Scientologists insist all this helps clear your mind and improve you. The person who gives you this misguided "help" is called an Auditor.

Misuse of material thought confidentialEdit

4. Confessions made during auditing are made under conditions promising confidentiality. Part of the Auditor's Code, which auditors are required to learn verbatim, states that "I promise not to use secrets of a preclear divulged in session for punishment or personal gain." In my experience, preclears are indoctrinated to believe that confessions made or elicited during an auditing session are kept confidential.

5. Despite this expectation, and in accordance with numerous Hubbard policies, after the session an auditor is required to report any transgressions or breaches of Sceintology's numerous codes and policies in writing to the preclear's "ethics" file. ("ethics" in Scientology does not have its ordinary meaning, but rather provides a measure of the Scientologist's loyalty to L. Ron Hubbard and to the Scientology organization -- the stated purpose of "ethics" in Scientology is to eliminate "counter-intention," that is any intention opposed to Hubbard's doctrines). [1]

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  1. The source isn’t clear who, “they” were. It might have been envious, less well endowed men, it might also have been female Amazon warriors who traditionally do their female Amazon warrior thing bare-chested. All that stuff is left to the reader’s imagination.


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