An Auditor in Scientology is a person who carries out Scientology auditing or so-called therapy with an E-Meter. The person being audited (known as a pre-clear or PC) is under pressure to tell highly disturbing and traumatic experiences while auditors have studied Scientology teachings but are unqualified in psychology. Psychologists believe unqualified auditors may cause psychological harm. In the official Church of Scientology auditing is ruinously expensive but auditing is much cheaper in the Free Zone.

Breach of confidentialityEdit

People undergoing auditing assume what they say is confidential but what is said is carefully recorded and in some cases made public.

Although Mr. McShane acknowledged that Scientology considers material in a person's preclear file to be confidential and privileged, it should be noted that Scientology considers that a person who has been declared a Suppressive such as myself (and I would presume that all of the witnesses who will testify for me at trial will have been declared Suppressive) is no longer entitled to such protection. Accordingly, as a matter of Scientology doctrine, plaintiffs would consider themselves to be entitled to use information culled from a confessional setting (during auditing or otherwise) to impeach or discredit a witness. [1]

Here's a second case.

At one point, in the fall of 1977, I did volunteer work for the infamous Guardian's Office of Scientology, the branch of Scientology which deals in espionage and covert activities. I had to go through the auditing folders of a man who had defected and mark in red anything that he had ever said in auditing (which is supposed to be confidential), and I was to look especially for anything involving sexual practices or criminal activities and to mark them in red and circle them. This information could be used to blackmail him. [2]

This should show how far we can trust Scientologists.

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