Autism is a neurological disorder that highly affects the consciousness of the human being. Most people with autism have a hard time giving up old habits, which really sucks. Contrary to a stupid myth that some idiot made up they are not less smart than anyone else though people with low functioning autism can be severly disabled.

Some also say that some kids can't communicate but may have an IQ as high as (let's say 130). People with IQ's as high as that are rare with or without autism.

Many really famous people may have had high functioning forms of autism such as Asperger's and HFA. These people include Albert Einstein, Isaac Newton [1] and possibly other scientists such as Bill Gates, Temple Grandin, Thomas Jefferson, Thomas Edison, and Alexander Graham Bell. [citation needed] Rosalind Franklin is also speculated by many to have had the disorder. Other famous people include artists such as Adam Young of Owl City, Ladyhawke, Bob Dylan, and Robin Williams.[citation needed]Conservatives have created a myth that Autism is formed from vaccinations. [2]


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