{{Infobox |name = Bagel |image = Bagels.jpg |caption = Various types of Bagels |Data1 = Alternative names |Data1-c = Bajgiel, beigel, beygl |Data2 = Place of origin |Data2-c = Poland |Data3 = Region or state |Data3-c = Central & Eastern [[Europe], North America, Israel |Data4 = Main ingredients |Data4-c = Wheat dough}} The Bagel is a Jewish bread that tastes good with Cream cheese, Cottage cheese, Cucumber, Tomato and many other toppings. Bagels can be sweet or savoury.

Bagels originated in Poland and are popular in the United States because many Polish people emigrated there. Bagels are now popular in the United Kingdom and other Western countries too.

Bagels are made with yeast pastry and are boiled, then baked, they are ring shaped with a hole in the middle. Bagels are fairly healthy but you shouldn't eat too many as they're usually made with refined white flour.

Bagels are similar to donuts (doughnuts), as they are shaped like one, and can be a sweet food, again like donuts. Doughnuts are fried and absorb fat when they are fried. Donuts may be made with cheap, unhealthy fat.

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