We exaggerate just a little sometimes.
Sometimes the sillier Conservatives can't even tell when we're joking.


Barbarians are any uncivilized, or cave-man like, tribal humans and they attack other people who aren't like them. There were the ancient barbarians attacking the Romans, and also modern day barbarians (Conservatives) attacking smart people who don't believe in bull crap like the Bible but believe in reasonable stuff like the theory of evolution instead.

You cannot be reason with barbarians, at least you cannot be reason with Creationist Conservative barbarians. The only way to stop their path of destruction is to take them down.

Ancient BarbariansEdit

Ancient barbarians are the stereotypical ones who lived in primitive tribes and raided villages during the Greek era, Roman era, and Medieval era, like the ones shown in the image above. Despite being like cave men, they were very intelligent and took advantage of the Roman empire being completely weakened from a bloody civil war and attacked all of its cities, eventually leading to the fall of the Roman empire.

Modern Day BarbariansEdit

These guys are basically any far right Conservative who attacks the Liberal agenda and try to turn the US or the UK back into the 20th Century and even further back. A list of modern day barbarians would be:

Serious part of the articleEdit

We shouldn't Stereotype people. Remember even primitive people spend more time at peace than at war and not all are as savage as the extreme barbarians. [1] We can sometimes reason with primitive people, not all Conservatives are totally closed minded either.


  1. Arciadia didn't exist

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