Battlefield Earth, released in over 3000 theatres world-wide in the year 2000, is a movie starring and financed by John Travolta, based upon the first half of Scientology's God-on-Earth, L. Ron Hubbard - a religion Travolta himself is a prominent member of.

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The movie's plot takes place on Earth, circa 3000 CE, when the planet has been conquered by a bunch of right-wing conservative aliens, led by Travolta, and the efforts of the few remaining humans to fight against the alien horde's seemingly insurmountable power.

Arguably the worst movie in History. John Travolta produced and starred in this monumental piece of dung because it's based on a novel by Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard, and Johnny boy is one of several Hollywood celebities brainwashed by the Scientology creepos. [1]

The movie was universally panned by the critics, with most claiming it possessed no redeeming features of any kind; it also failed financially, damaging the careers of many.

Fraud and other problemsEdit

There were allegations that investors in the film were defrauded and according to the Scientology Section of F.A.C.T.Net there were also subliminal messages in the film. [2]

It was suggested that the only way to guarantee results was to secretly put subliminal messages in the film as or after it was being created. Messages were discussed such as: "Buy the Dianetics book," "Find out about Scientology now," and one that put everyone into stitches, "Hate psychiatry, psychiatrists, and drug companies. [3] "

Incidentally Scientology considers itself the most ethical organisation in the World.

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