The military events listed below were some of many during the American Revolution.

Battle of Bunker HillEdit

The Battle of Bunker Hill was the attack of Bunker Hill, off Boston Harbor, by General Gage of the British Army. It was a moral victory for the Massachusetts Militia, as only 400 revolutionaries died, as opposed to the 1,100 British soldiers and officers. It was actually fought on Breed's Hill.

Battle of ConcordEdit

The Battle of Concord was the first fight between the Massachusetts Militia and the British Army in the American Revolution. It is also commonly known as "the shot heard round the world," presumably because the British all had really loud cannons.

Fort TiconderogaEdit

Fort Ticonderoga, famous for the brand of cheap pencils, was the first British fort to fall to the American Revolutionaries. The guns, powder and supplies were used to retake Boston Harbor.


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