Ben Shapiro at Mizzou

Ben Shapiro is a far-right commentator and former editor for Breitbart.

Lectures Edit

Following the "Prime-Example" of many street preachers, Shapiro has spoken at many universities trying to share his radical, far-right agenda. At UC-Berkeley, he spoke his ultra-conservative agenda, causing the city to spend over $600,000 on security to try and prevent violence. On Wednesday, January 24, 2018, he made an appearance at the University of Connecticut. According to Washington Examiner, students were offered counseling just at "the thought" of Ben Shapiro, even though there was "restricted access" to the event (Link).

Personal Life & Family Edit

Ben Shapiro identifies as Jewish, but his far-right ideology and belief systems make him seem like a Christian Fundamentalist. One of his cousins is 1990s child actress, Mara Wilson (Link).

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