Bernie Sanders
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Bernie Sanders is awesome!
Political party: Liberty Union (Before 1979)

Independent (1979–2015; 2016) Democratic Party (2015–2016)

Education: Brooklyn College (1959–60)

University of Chicago (1960–64)


Born September 8, 1941
Bernie Sanders (aka Bernie-Wan Kenobi), is the Junior US senator from Vermont. He is a Liberal Progressive but called himself, in 2016, a Democratic Socialist in order to sound more revolutionary (A tactic that probably hurt more than helped him). He's an Independent who gives Democrats seat support. He is also the founder of the Congressional Progressive Caucus which has grown from 5 members when Sanders founded it to 56 members today. Because feminists were more concerned with getting a woman in the White House than a qualified candidate, Bernie Sanders lost the 2016 Democratic nomination.


Sanders has now dropped out of the Democratic Party, but he supports Hillary Clinton for President because he realizes a Trump presidency would be a bit more of a disaster for the United States of America and the World, than a Clinton presidency.

Another reason he decided to support Hillary instead of Jill Stein, is that he knows a that a 3rd party won't win, so he did an extremely grudgeful, KMN (Kill Me Now) endorsement of Hillary.

Keep in mind though, Sanders supporters, he DID say that Hillary should do something to EARN your vote.


Sanders believes in:

  • Universal, single-payer health care.
  • Free college and graduate education.
  • Making sure the wealthy pay their fair share (or something like that)
  • Lessening the influence that large sums of cash have in politics
  • Restriction of the free market.
  • Legalizing cannabis and releasing kids from prison who were ONLY run in for da weeeeed!
  • Fighting Global warming.
  • The U.S. military does NOT need a military budget increase, as the U.S. defense budget has more than the next 10 powerful countries combined.

2016 Presidential ElectionEdit

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His 2016 presidential race slogan.

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Bernie officially joined the race for the 2016 presidency, as a member of the Democratic Party. While he was behind Hillary in most polls, he did beat her in 22 states. Sanders criticised Hillary Clinton for her 9/11 comments at a November 2015 debate.[1] some Economists were advising People to buy environmentally friendly local stocks if Sanders became President of the United States.[2] It's generally not a good idea to spend more than you can afford on speculative investments. If you like the idea of Green and other ethical investment you can always try saving more than you otherwise would and investing in ethical ways. On March 23, 2016, TV network The Young Turks interviewed Sanders.[3]

Bernie Sanders lost to Hillary Clinton because feminists were more concerned with getting a woman into the White House than having a qualified candidate. Bernie Sanders lost to Identity Politics.

Quote from Bernie SandersEdit

As Vermont’s senator, as one of the most progressive members of Congress and as the longest serving Independent in American history, I am helping to lead the fight against the Big Money interests in Washington. At the same time, working with activists in Vermont and across the country, we are hard at work building a strong grass-roots movement which is attempting to change our national priorities. As someone who does not accept corporate PAC money, I very much appreciate the help that tens of thousands of Americans have given my campaign. [1]


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