Bernie or Bust is an initiative carried out by some Bernie Sanders by supporters who vow to continue their revolution by refusing to fall in line behind Hillary Clinton, believing that she is the antithesis of the revolution, especially in the way of money in politics. by Republicans who hope Trump just might get in if enough Democratic Party people refuse to vote for Hillary. The Democratic Party didn't pay much attention to Bernie or Bust at first, because before, only 20% of Sanders' supporters were refusing to vote for Hillary. However, now that 55% of Bernie's supporters are rejecting Hillary Clinton at all costs, the Dems are starting to worry. (BTW that link is to a vid by an outspoken Bernie supporter who can get a bit pissy towards Hillary supporters and rightwingers, so Hillary supporters and rightwingers with high blood pressure should procede with caution)


There are many accusations and cuss-ups surrounding Bernie or Bust


Some think that Bernie or Bust is sexist for rejecting Hillary, however, many Bernie or Bust folks are voting for Jill Stein of the Green Party, which ticks the "female" box that apparently about 40% of Hillary voters were voting for her on.


Many think, with some sheeplike binary thinking, that anyone who is against Hillary is for Trump, so a few Hillary supporters called Bernie or Bust folks "racist" because they assumed that being against Hillary ment voting Trump, even though that's just a bunch of bull because A) Many Bernie or Bust folks will vote for Gary Johnson (Libertarian Party) or Jill Stein (Green Party), so not all of them will vote Trump! B) Voting Trump isn't necessarily racist, but it sometimes is.

Spoiler EffectEdit

The "Spoiler Effect" is when 1 major candidate wins just because the other major candidate had too many votes siphoned off by a 3rd party candidate. Some thought Bernie or Bust would put Trump in the White House, and it happened.

The Accusations on TwitterEdit

Watch these brutal comments from some Hillary supporters pushing these listed accusations.

Famous Bernie or Bust folksEdit

Jimmy Dore from The Jimmy Dore Show

Mike Figueredo from The Humanist Report

TJ Kirk from The Amazing Atheist

Disgust for the 2-Party system Edit

"Bernie or Bust" folks don't wish to back Hillary ONLY because Trump is such a scary buffoon (he is, but that's not the point), they wish to vote for the candidate of their choice and not be forced into 2 terrible choices. Those terrible "choices" are: A demagogic bully vs a war-hawking liar.

JFTR, us ACTUAL Progressives (not REgressives, as most "Progressive" politicians seem to be) aren't supposed to like war, ya know?

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