"The Best of the Public is better than a group of experts"

The best of the public is a term commonly used by elitists and conservatives to egotistically refer to themselves. The quote "The best of the public is better than a group of experts" leads the world to intellectualism hell. If it were the core philosophy of our society, doctors and judges would be replaced with conservatives, leading to bigoted world views and massive health tragedies. Among other things, conservatives do not provide a source of this quotation.

Most Conservatives, like Andy Schlafly, are self-proclaimed "best of the public", despite their inability to use correct grammar.

Who they imagine best of the public isEdit

Anyone who is:

  • Christian
  • Conservative
  • Believes in Fox News
  • Republican (not Democrat, or has ever supported any Democratic views)
  • Horrendously bigoted
  • Lacking any common sense and logic, and annoying anyone who claims this against them
  • Puts any kind of "liberal" sense in large quotemarks

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