William Charles Ayers
20160130 122821
Mr. Ayers
Fields: Education
Institutions: University of Illinois at Chicago
Education University of Michigan (B.A.),

Bank Street College of Education (M.Ed.), Teachers College, Columbia University (Ed.M., Ed.D.)

Born December 26, 1944

William Charles "Bill" Ayers is an American Communist (there is also a hunger activist with a similar name). He is known for radical activism in the 1960's opposing the Vietnam War. He founded a radical Communist group called Weather Underground known for conducting campaigns to explode many government buildings in America. Ayers went into hiding for decades because his group was involved in illegal activity but when he came out of hiding charges against him were dismissed. [1]

Though a few of his ideas make a bit of sense blowing up buildings or trying to blow them up was silly and harmed his cause. He is/was incredibly militant and using nail bombs to kill people is terrorism. [2]


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  2. Domestic Terrorist, Bill Ayers: Weather Underground Nail Bombs No Comparison To The Boston Bombers’ Nail Bombs

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