Billy Graham (1918 - ) is an old reverend and a highly influential evangelical. He is a Protestant Southern Baptist but is less nagging in his biblical viewpoint than many. Graham has been preaching for many years; and takes the Bible very seriously, though he has generally been fairly tolerant. For example Graham worked with Martin Luther King Jr. However he does have fundamentalist viewpoints as well, for erxample not voting for Kennedy because he was a Catholic and he is against Gay marriage. Of course, fundamentalists were out to eat him alive because Graham is an influential Democrat. Despite that in 2012 Graham Prayed with W. Mitt Romney and effectively endorsed him. [1] Well, errr? [2]


  1. Billy Graham's Romney Endorsement Backfires -- 'Mormonism Is a Cult' Meme Could Reach Millions
  2. Billy Graham is hard to categorize, in some areas he's Conservative but he's less conservative than many from the Religious Right

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