What it does do is give an idea of the underworld Litvinenko operated in. After serving in the Russian army for eight years, he joined the Soviet counterintelligence services in 1988, specialising in the fight against organised crime. At the height of his career he was a senior operational officer in the most secret department of the KGB, which analyses criminal organisations. His co-author Yuri Felshtinsky, a historian, describes Litvinenko's stories as 'terrifying'. Two London academics who interviewed the agent in recent years claim that he talked about arranging extra-legal killings in the 1990s. [1]
Blowing up Russia: Terror from within is a book written by the late Alexander Litvinenko in which he claimed there were secret plots to bring back the KGB. The book has good points but according to an article in The Guardian doesn't give much new information about terrorism in Russia, possible because the authors needed to protect their sources. [1]


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