Bootsy Collins is a great Funk Mage, skillfully wielding such techniques as the Slap Bass and Funky Groove. His mighty staff, the Space Bass, is feared throughout the land. He first practiced his noble craft with his brother Catfish, an eventually became the apprentice of Funk God James Brown. Here, he learned how to bring new bags to fathers and how to attain a feeling of wellness. However, Bootsy was not content being Brown's apprentice. They duelled, with Bootsy attempting to become a Master Funkateer. Brown was much too powerful however, and easily defeated Bootsy. Bootsy did wound Brown, scorching off his eyebrows. Brown would later say, "Bootsem wis ulwez a gud prispact for finkaterin, heht. HEEEEY."

Bootsy then became an apprentice under the Great and Powerful George Clinton. It was with Clinton that he learned the devious plot of Sir Nose D'Voiddofunk. Even though Sir Nose was converted to the power of the funk, he turned away from the all powerful Funk. It took the power of Dr. Funkenstein, Stachile, and the One Nation Under a Groove to summon the Mothership and restore the all powerful funk the the world.

After this, George Clinton proclaimed Bootsy a master Funk Mage for his incredible rhythm and funky grooves. Bootsy then formed a clan, the Rubber Band. They continued the study of Funk for many years.

Notable DuelsEdit

Bootsy Collins Vs. James Brown - James Brown won but Bootsy scorched off his eyebrows. Bootsy Collins Vs. Rick James - Bootsy Collins won narrowly, James' Superfreak was still in its infancy. Bootsy Collins Vs. Cameo - Bootsy won easily, gave them all really bad fades.


Bootsy Collins was a singer, songwriter and guitarist in the middle of the 20th Century, he had trouble with others in his group.

References and Eternal linksEdit

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