This article attacks Conservative Christians though we recognise that Liberal Christians can be better.

Born-again Christians sometimes are a type of Christian fundamentalist, not all born again types are as bad as the worst, Jimmy Carter thought he was born again for example.

Born again Christians get really excited at the time of their conversion and afterwards are convinced they are saved and they are superior to the rest of the world. The worst born again Christians believe those who haven’t been through their conversion experience are usually with Satan and unless they get saved will end up in Hell.

“What my faith requires is that if I, my wife and my two kids were sitting on a public bus, and somebody came on with a machine-gun and pointed it at my daughter and said to her, ‘Say Jesus doesn’t exist’… If she turned to me and said, ‘What do I do?’, I’d say, ‘What have I taught you to do?’ And she’d say, ‘Jesus absolutely exists’, and I’d see her in heaven.” [1]

They also believe that God is a god of love.

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