Brain drain is what it’s called when well educated people (University graduates and the like) emigrate from a country in large numbers. The British Royal Society first developed the term in the 1950-s and 1960’s because then large numbers of scientists and engineers were leaving Europe for the United States and Canada.

Today there is a brain drain because developed western countries lure away professionals and experts from Third World countries who need them desperately. This adds to The West's dominance of expertise and technology. There is also today a brain drain from former Communist areas to places where salaries are higher. Who says that Free markets are always good?

How does brain drain occur?Edit

There are different views on what causes the brain drain from the Third World.

The free market Liberal viewEdit

Those who preach the Free market try and say the brain drain happens because Third World governments don’t spend enough money making conditions good for graduates in the home country. Rich free marketers don’t seem to mind if governments spend money on those who are already well off instead of helping the poor.

Conservatives Edit

Conservatives of the type you get in the UK and North America argue that in national economies must commit suicide by

(...) doing away with tax, labour law, job safety standards and so on. [1]
So if governments do away with job safety legislation graduates will want to work in dangerous conditions without job security etc? The above doesn’t make sense. Free market economics usually doesn’t make sense.

A radical viewEdit

Radicals say simply that Third World countries can’t afford to pay the types of salaries that would keep their graduates in the home countries. Rich nations exploit the resources of poorer nations and luring trained professionals away is part of this. Radicals can’t decide what to do.


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