Sometimes the sillier Conservatives can't even tell when we're joking.

Moobs, this is your average Conservapedia user, probably and your average Conservapedia sysop as well!

Breasts are organs possessed by all mammals. Female mammals use their breasts to nourish offspring with milk. Scientists think that in the last few hundred thousand years since humans started having sex face to face they have evolved into the more sexually alluring objects that they are now.

In most countries women are not allowed to be completely topless like men, this is because Neocons say its wrong, however, many probably secretly love to eat cottage cheese off their wives breasts. We at Liberapedia support women's right to get them out in public. We also support their right to keep them covered depending on choice.

Some men have really large amounts of fat in that area have what is known as man boobs AKA "Moobs".

Even if one does not like the taste of breast milk, one has to admit that at least it does come in such lovely containers.

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