"Brother Micah" Armstrong is a Fundamentalist, Evangelical pastor and street preacher who spends most of his daily hours at universities telling people they are going to Hell.

Background Edit

According to Wikipedia and YouTube, he is Homophobic and has even written a song called "The Homo Song" [1]. He is deemed a "sexist" by many university students because he believes women have only two place in society: behind the kitchen sink and behind a vacuum, as well as thinking sororities give away free sex. Brother Micah believes that he is in fact "sinless" [2]. In one video, he acted like a seven-year-old when he interrupted a possibly-LGBT college student trying to debate him [3].

How to Avoid Him on Your Campus Edit

If you see an overweight, middle-aged white man with a cane, a bible, a backpack, Suspenders, and a 1940s-style cap; and you attend a public university in the Eastern-United States, it's probably Micah himself and we seriously advise you to RUN as fast as possible. Take everything with you, because if you don't, he will start ranting about how you are going to Hell for listening to Led Zeppelin.

The Homo SongEdit

"It's not okay to be gay! It's not okay to be a homo! You're not supposed to be that way! God says that it's a big 'no-no'! It's not okay to be gay! It's not okay to be perverted! It's not in your DNA! What you need is to be converted! "- Micah Armstrong singing "The Homo Song"

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