Burma map

A map of Myanmar/Burma

, officially the Union of Myanmar (though no one but the government and some politically-correct Spaniards calls it that), is a country in South-east Asia. It is bordered by China, Laos, Thailand, Bangladesh and India.

The nation is currently enduring the dictatorship of a trigger-happy government. The cruelty of the Burmese dictators rivals that of the North Koreans.

Getting ShotEdit

Few people in Burma have employment. Those that do (and that have made it to work without getting shot) usually arrive at work to discover that all their co-workers have been shot, meaning that they must go to the unemployment office and wait in a long line to get shot.

However, if the office closes before they can get shot, they are ordered to go home, are given a voucher to come back first thing in the morning, and are shot on their way out the door.

Then all the unemployment workers are shot.

Round about 2010, Burma held an election. Anyone who didn't vote for the dictatorship-linked USDP (Union Solidarity Development Party) was shot.

External linksEdit

  • Burma It seems the government has improved slightly but things are still bad for the people.

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