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The most idiosyncratic personality in rap and possessor of its most recognizable delivery, a halting, ragga-inspired style with incredible complexity, inventiveness, and humor, Busta Rhymes formed Leaders of the New School in 1990 and released two albums with the group before breaking out with a 1996 solo hit single, "Woo-Hah!! Got You All in Check." [1]

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Busta Rhymes (real name Trevor Tahiem Smith) is a rapper. Although he says he accepts gay marriage, he called a waiter at a cheezeburger restraunt a "fag" for not putting his mayonnaise on for him. [2] Sounds a bit like Tom Delay if you ask me. Thymes also got into trouble with the Police after throwing a drink in a cardboard carton at a gym employee. [3]

Some people are talented but also have personal weakness.


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