Buttsex should be pretty self explanatory.

Conservatives and buttsexEdit

Conservatives are too fond of dictating what pleasures are allowed and what's forbidden. That applies to other areas as well as Sex. It can be arbitrary and sometimes it's based on no more than:

  1. My father never approved of that and neither did my grandfather or my great grandfather before him. (Especially among Patriarchal conservatives)
  2. My mother never approved of that and neither did my grandmother or my great grandmother before her.
  3. The elders of our community don't approve of that and never approved of that in the past.

Religious conservatives can have additional issues about buttsex:

  1. The Bible, The Koran [1] (insert relevant supposed sacred text here) doesn't like it.
  2. American Conservative Christians tend to oppose types of sex:
    1. That aren't between Married people in the Missionary position.
    2. That don't make Babies and don't add to Overpopulation.

Liberals and buttsexEdit

Liberals have no problem with buttsex so long as both parties consent freely and willingly. Some people like it but not all. [2] Liberals also feel one should be careful not to spread infection. [3]


Rearrange the letters and you get a subtext.

See alsoEdit


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  2. How anal sex ruined my relationship
  3. Does anal sex have any health risks?

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