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Buy Nothing Day is a day when some Liberals try to take a break from consumerism and buy nothing. It's easy if you don't have go to work on that day, you just stock up before and spend the day at home. Remember buy nothing day is partly about rich people or better off people generally finding out what it's like to have little. So stocking up with basic things is better than stocking up with luxuries.

You can always go for a walk in a local park or go to a local Library.

If you have to workEdit

If you have to work on Buy Nothing Day it's more difficult, you need to brink a packed lunch to work together with Coffee or Tea in thermos flask. You may also need a season ticket for a bus or train. If your colleagues or co-workers aren't likely to be understanding you can still keep within the spirit of Buy Nothing Day by limiting yourself to essentials that day. That means you buy your bus or train ticket to work and buy a basic lunch, whatever other meals you need but nothing else.


In the United States and Canada Buy Nothing Day is the day after the 4th Thursday in November, that's just after people have been eating far too much and spending far more than they need for Thanksgiving. In the rest of the World Buy Nothing Day is the following Saturday because that's the start of the Christmas shopping spree. [1] [2]

Alternative to Buy Nothing DayEdit

So perhaps it's time for a new kind of materialism, based on an economy of better, not more: one that is rich in the good-quality work created by providing useful services, that makes things which last and can be repaired many times before being recycled, allowing us to share better the surplus of stuff we already have. It is emerging now in things ranging from furniture to tools, cars, fridges, clothes and food. "Repair, reduce, re-use, recycle", long a mantra of green economists. [3]

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