C. S. Lewis was a British writer of the mid 20th Century, now mainly known for his children's books such as Mere Christianity, and apologetic essays like The Chronicles of Narnia or The Screwtape Letters.

The Chronicles of NarniaEdit

The Chronicles of Narnia is sorta like Harry Potter, but with realistic and ethical Christian messages like animals can talk, even people of evil ancestry can turn out to be good, people can make big mistakes but still be redeemed and powerful pretty girls are probably witches. Nowadays bits of it look more than a little racist, but for its time it was probably quite tolerant, in a paternalistic way.

Mere ChristianityEdit

Mere Christianity is kinda the New Testament of the New Testament for many a WASP. Lewis digs up some old philosophy conjured by Greeks or Enlightenment deists, puts them into the language of moderns and viola ££££ PROFIT!

The Screwtape LettersEdit

The Screwtape Letters is a bit like... well if you have ever seen the Movie Ghostbusters; those devices they use to catch the demons with; if you had a big one of those with windows and a couple demons in it, that would be The Screwtape Letters. A sort of demon zoo. You could bring the whole family to study the way genuine demons think, with strong metaphysical barriers in place, to keep them from causing any actual temptations. It's not like those books that are really written by demons, such as Anton LaVey's Satanic Bible, or Mark Twain's Letters from the Earth.

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