CSCOPE was a curriculum system used in Texas, designed by teachers when teachers were asked to make their own lesson plans without state oversite. 

There was controversy because it included lessons that have students do things like "Imagine new socialist nation is creating a flag and you have been put in charge of creating a flag......Use symbolism to represent aspects of socialism/Communism on your flag. What kind of symbolism/colors would you use[1]?"

It sounds pretty simple: learn the colors and symbols of communism.  However, the Conservatives scream and yell and shake their fists:

In Texas CSCOPE High Schools Students study about communism and socialism and then create a new flag for a new socialist Nation–

Is  the US to be the new socialist nation? Via Common Core Standards, Obama is teaching our children how wonderful socialism is and that communism is even better.

CSCOPE is the prelude to having the Obama Common Core Standards in our schools. Via our Texas School Superintendents, who are studying how to implement Common Core, our state Education services centers are setting in place the perfect technology framework called CSCOPE.

Following are the instruction from the CSCOPE activity directing students to design a socialist/communist flag[2].

So stupid it's practically funny.

It should be noted that CSCOPE had restrictions on who could see the lessons, which they said were about copyright.  What also should be noted is who comes up when you google "CSCOPE Disclosure[3].

CSCOPE is now being phased out of courtesy of Texas state senator Dan Patrick.   School districts, many in poor neighborhoods depended on CSCOPE to even out the economic playing field to keep up with the standards[4].  

I have equated it to a twenty-first century book-burning, a political endzone absolute political witch hunt...I just don't believe that this is a parent-driven controversy or a parent-driven revolution.   I think this is an extreme faction of the Republican Party that is at the tip of this bayonet.[5]

The above quote is from a GOP member of the Texas Board of Education whose website says "My goals have been to do what I can to get Austin and Washington D.C. out of our classrooms, restore local control, and take politics out of our public schools[6]."

CSCOPE also has lesson on Islam.  It lists the major beliefs of Islam.  Just as they learned in writing class, the people who wrote it didn't start every sentence with the phrase "Muslims believe."  And because it's a powerpoint, they don't explain everything.

The conservatives cry:

We can assume that since Cscope is based on Constuctivism and not Absolute Truth that that the teacher did not inform the students that the Qua’ran provides instructions for how women are to be beaten.  Did the teacher show the class photos of women who have lost their eyes and have other physical deformities due to being beaten by men? See these on RedHotConservative.    (Also notice how disrespectful the American and Texas flag are displayed)......Having students dress in the fashion of a Muslim country in the past would not have been the issue it is today. This is because students in Texas schools using CSCOPE, as in Lumberton ISD, are not given the truth about what it means to be a woman in Muslim countries. In fact, selected verses from the Qua’ran are read outloud in CSCOPE world history classes, verses that praise the god worshiped, called Allah. CSCOPE equates Allah with the God of the Jews and Christians[7].
Whoever wrote this probably attends Church and they probably attended Sunday School as a child. Chances are that their Sunday School teachers never taught them about 1 Timothy 2:11, which says that women should be quiet (ie not standing up and talking about CSCOPE).

There's a good chance that they take the Bible literally; and most of the people who do prefer the King James Version, where Genesis 3:16 says "To the woman He said: 'I will greatly multiply your sorrow and your conception/ In pain you shall bring forth children/ Your desire shall be for your husband/ And he shall rule over you.'"

Of course, there are many liberal Christians who believe that some things in the Bible are from an earlier time and should not be taken seriously. There are Muslims who believe the same thing about the Koran. That doesn't mean that they're right, but if the writer of the above is an Evangelical Christian, than it's total Hypocrisy.


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