Cajuns are a group of people who live in the Southeastern USA, particularly the Louisiana bayou area. They were originally from the French colonies in Canada, but when the British won the Seven Years' War (or French and Indian War); they got control of these areas. A lot of the French stayed there, to become the modern Acadians and Quebecois; but the Cajuns left and went to live in the French colonies which later became Louisiana.

Because they were French, a lot of Cajuns are Roman Catholics, and therefore are disliked by the Fundamentalist Protestants of the Bible Belt. This is strange, because a lot of Catholics are just as Conservative as the Fundy Protestants who they fight with - but it worked out well, as it means some of the Cajuns have separated from the "normal" Deep Southerners, and have become quite liberal compared to the rest of the Bible Belt.

Cajuns are one of the many groups who make Nawlins so quirky; and they gave the world Cajun Food, Cajun Accents, and crazy Mardi Gras parties.

Cajun Dialect SampleEdit

Na suh, Ah mus' be infawmin'a'yawself - Ah's a reeyil Cayjin.
Translation: Now, sir, I must tell you - I am Cajun. (literally: Now sir, I must be informing of yourself - I is a real Cajun.)

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