A physical map of California [1]

California is One Great State in the Union.

California is a fairly liberal US state, and it voted 60% for Hillary Clinton in 2016. It has the most votes in the Electoral college and it's very hard for a Democrat to get to the White House without California (Although Jimmy Carter lost California when he won in 1976).

California was Governed by Arnold Schwarzenegger but the current governor is Jerry Brown.

They have earthquakes there because of something called the San Andreas Fault. That doesn't stop people loving the state.

This state has immense diversity, in climate, places, people, and in the better parts there are good liberal political beliefs.

California was the 31st state, admitted as a free state which just shows it was good from the very beginning. So take that, Missouri.

Ronald Reagan was the governor (1967-1975), and Richard Nixon was one of their senators (1950-1953). This proves even the most liberal people can make big mistakes, but it seems that they didn't learn their lesson (see - Mr. Olympia).

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California (as of 2018) has Two Democratic Senators, Kamala Harris and Dianne Feinstein. Dianne Feinstein has been in the United States Senate since 1992. While, Kamala Harris was only elected to the senate in 2016. Kamala might be the Next President of the United States.

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Divided california
It has been proposed by Republican politician, Jeff Stone, that California should be split into two different states: a liberal California and a conservative California.Split California Into Two States? (Liberal Vs Conservative) The northern portion of the state would be liberal, while the southern portion would be conservative. In the proposal, Los Angeles would be part of liberal northern California.

To the right is Jeff Stone's proposal for a divided California. The red counties would constitute conservative South California.


In California it is illegal to upload nude pictures of another person to the Internet if the other does not agree to it and if the perpetrator intends to upset or humiliate. Perpetrators face a hefty fine and 6 months Jail. [2]

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Florida - A Southern State that tries to be California.


  2. 'Revenge porn' outlawed in California

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