A map of Cameroon.

Cameroon is a country in west-central Africa along the Atlantic coast with a population round 23 Million. Cameroon borders the Central African Republic, Chad, Equatorial Guinea, Gabon, Nigeria and the Republic of Congo. [1]

Cameroon is controlled by dictator Paul Biya. [2] Before World War 1 Cameroon was controlled by the Germans, but Germany had to give up all of its colonies after the Treaty of Versailles. English and French are now spoken in Cameroon.

Corruption is a major problem in Cameroon. [3]


Many people in the Cameroon believe the body parts of Albinos have Magical power. Albinos risk being Murdered to get their body parts for imagined magic spells. Corrupt Police can be bought off. [4]


In the Cameroon it's a crime to be Gay. Roger Jean-Claude Mbédé was imprisoned in the Cameroons after writing to another man that he loved that man. In prison Mbédé faced physical abuse and developed Cancer. After his release from prison Mbédé couldn't get Work, Education, housing and vital Health care. His family took him out of hospital because they thought he was a curse and wanted him to die. Mbédé died. [5]


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