Cargo cults are religions that appeared throughout the Pacific from the late 19th Century through the 20th Century while at least one new belief system started in the 21st Century. [1]


Cargo cults often involve people doing funny rituals and practices because they imagine that will bring them wonderful cargo from ships or planes. Pacific islanders see white people doing things they can’t understand like marching in military parades. They also see that white people have wonderful things like radios, televisions, now even computers. Superstitious Pacific islanders then do military parades, they build mock airstrips, even full-scale sized replicas of airplanes and the like. They hope some supernatural power will give them the same cargo as the white people because they’ve done the same things as white people. Some cargo cults even worship Prince Phillip of the United Kingdom as a god.

It is generally accepted that cargo cults have appeared as a response to culture shock when primitive island natives had limited contact with more technologically advanced civilizations and couldn’t fully understand them.

"Cargo cult" as an way of showing that something is sillyEdit

As a general rule, the term Cargo cult can also be used to label any scientific idea or unscientific idea as plain buncombe or nonsense. For example, terms like "voodoo economics" and "cargo cult" have been used to put down neocon economics that doesn't work because it hasn't been researched properly. Cargo cults don't work as a rule. [2]Those Neocon ideas don't work very well either.

Cargo cults and other religionsEdit

Religions and religious beliefs that involve worship of deities in the world as well as Conservatism in general are a bit like cargo cults. Well most religions involve trying to get benefits in this life or after death by manipulating or persuading imagined supernatural beings, by manipulating supernatural forces. Buddhism may be an exception. Other religions use different types of manipulation from the cargo cultists.

References & footnotesEdit

  1. John Frun and the Cargo Cults
  2. Well just a few Cargo cults have worked. Tourists come to see the Pacific islanders doing their Cargo cult rituals. The tourists give the Cargo cultists money and the Cargo cultists say, "We got cargo".

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