Carrots of many colors

Carrots that have been selectively bred to be a variety of colors.

Carrots are the root of the carrot plant.

Raw carrotsEdit

They are orange in color and are crunchy when eaten raw. Liberals eat them that way sometimes because it is healthier and saves energy and tastes better. Raw carrots can be grated and added to a salad. Conservatives don't eat raw carrots because that's not the traditional way to do them.

Cooked carrotsEdit

Carrots become soft and mushy when cooked but they can taste good that way.

For a tasty, nourishing snack try boiling carrots with a little cheese and soya flour, then blending it. You can add the juice of a lemon or lime. if you don't have time to cook a proper meal that soup will make a balanced snack.

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